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CURA Glass


“In addition to the quality of the software, the implementation and maintenance of such a system requires a strong, steady partner with experienced specialists who can react quickly and solve even difficult problems reliably. This is where our trust in A+W paid off completely. A+W software is a strong product, behind which there is a strong, innovative company. This is why we have satisfied customers and low complaint rates.”

– Marijn van den Ingh, CEO Cura Glass 

If you ask CURA Glass Managing Director Marijn van den Ingh what kind of company CURA Glas really is, he will answer without hesitation, “First and foremost, we’re a high-performance international LSG manufacturer.”

The CURA Glass’s core business has shifted significantly: a classic glass wholesaler has become a highly innovative LSG production, glass trade, and processing specialist . With the A+W sorter control, the LSG cut sizes and half jumbos are made available to the Benteler CNC grinding machine in the desired sequence just in time.

In particular thanks to deep-reaching software innovations in the areas of logistics, capacity planning, sales, and storage, Cura Glass is today a highly automated company on the way to Industry 4.0.

The orders are delivered with more than 20 special vehicles. Thanks to clever loading logistics, the glass can be transported in various packaging types on one truck. With the delivery app of the A+W Logistics Optimizer, the necessary data is captured upon delivery and sent directly to the A+W business system with a photo of the delivery.


  • Largest flat glass trading house in Europe
  • High-performance LSG production – half jumbos and cut sizes
  • Barcode control in warehouse and production – no more need to search for a target
  • Perfectly organized delivery logistics with A+W Logistics Optimizer
  • Consistent elimination of unproductive activities

Contact CURA Glass

CURA Glass Lopik

2e Industrieweg 6
3411 ME Lopik

Tel.: +31 348-484300
Fax.: +31(0) 348-553554
E-Mail: lopik@cura-glass.nl 
Internet: www.cura-glass.nl 

Press Article

“If you can’t get it from Cura, you won’t get it anywhere,” is a saying in the Dutch flat glass industry. Without a doubt, this statement also applies for the Benelux states and for Germany: “We don’t see those countries as being ‘abroad’,” says managing director Matthieu van den Ingh with a wink.

Software used:

A+W Production

Flexibility – Sequence – Waste

A+W Barcode Manager

Everything under control

A+W Realtime Optimizer

Online cutting control

A+W Production Terminal

Paperless production