"With the A+W Production system, we manage our complex product mix very flexibly. No more sheets are lost. And there are almost no complaints. We produce much greater quantities in the same amount of time. In addition, cutting has generally become more flexible and yield has increased significantly. The realtime optimization and automatic breakage pool also make a contribution here – poor sheets are remade immediately and can frequently still be delivered with the main order."

Markus Heil

- Glashandelsgesellschaft Profi GmbH

Glashandelsgesellschaft Profi

Flexible automation concepts at Glasprofi

The TG specialist Glasprofi is Germany’s largest supplier of premium shower and glass sanitary fittings. Outstanding product quality, varied design, and enormous delivery capability were achieved with a flexible automation concept, one whose degree of implementation is unique among glass processors in Europe.

Recently, Glasprofi improved its efficiency and flexibility still more by replacing an older PPS system with A+W Production, the latest production software from A+W. In the commercial sector, the company has worked with A+W Enterprise ERP software for decades; this ensures quick order processing and secure administrative processes.

The label has replaced 90% of the production papers at Glasprofi and includes all information required for production. With a simple bar code scan, this information can be called up and displayed on the A+W production monitor. The machine operator receives a true-to-scale view of the work-piece and all production information.

Iwan Schmid, IT Administrator

Markus Heil,
IT Manager

In particular, after the last update of the A+W Production software, Glasprofi fulfills many requirements posed of an Industry 4.0 operation/smart factory without having the management team make a big fuss about this. Managing Director Achim Haag: “We and our customers know our strengths – it’s not our style to talk about them all the time.”

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