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Our product range includes different solutions for the requirements of the glass industry. Our solutions control the entire process, from order entry via dynamic cutting optimization and production management, up to the optimized direct packing of sheets.

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Serving your commercial needs

Allowing easy order entry, creating quotes, and the creation of partial deliveries and complaints, A+W Business is the ultimate solution for your medium-sized company.


  • simplifying company-internal processes
  • medium-sized companies
  • up to 50 employees
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Powerhouse for multisite management

A+W Enterprise is an integrated, database-based overall ERP solution for the flat glass industry. The system is designed for groups of companies and enterprise companies with several subsidiaries/locations, and is being used by major players in the flat glass industry world-wide.


  • automated processes in purchasing, sales, and dispatch
  • ideal for large companies
  • true multisite functionality
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Connecting office & production

Discover our professional and cost-effective entry-level solution, A+W Business Pro, for small and medium-sized companies, where order processing and production planning are completely integrated.


  • managing commercial processes like order entry and delivery note
  • ideal for small and medium-sized companies
  • integrated cutting optimization and rack allocation
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Enter orders, optimize cutting & manage storage

Automate your most-used functions in office, storage and cutting, with this cost-effective entry solution.


  • entry of different glass types and individual sheets
  • ideal for small productions
  • cost-effective entry-level software solution
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Production planning system for your shopfloor

Compatible with almost every machine, A+W Production is our software solution for your production. It is highly flexible, allowing complete rough and detailed scheduling for insulated, tempered and laminated glass. The software is suitable for even the most demanding multi-level production flows.


  • easy machine managment
  • scalable for every shopfloor and machine park
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The path to fully automated production

Welcome the future of production management systems with A+W Smart Factory. It coordinates process flows automatically, working as the brain of your production. Planning is done in real time and key production data can be read from the machines directly.


  • scalable deployment helping small companies grow
  • fast throughput times and on-time delivery
  • preparing companies for the future

About A+W Clarity

Your Needs – Our A+W Clarity Software Solutions

Unlock your business’ potential with A+W Clarity’s suite of customer-centric, custom-configured (not custom programmed) software solutions. Enhance optimization and yield, scan barcodes at every stage of the fabrication process through to delivery, track residuals/inventory/stock/deliveries, optimize racks and their organization/utilization, organize dispatch, digitize customer templates, and coordinate logistics for efficient shipments. Trusted by glass fabricators worldwide since 1977, our innovations are built with your needs in mind and tailored to address your challenges. Contact us to discover why large and small glass fabricators alike rely on A+W for their software needs.

At A+W Clarity, we specialize in developing innovative software solutions that are custom configured for glass fabricators of all sizes. Our cutting-edge solutions are built to enhance your processes, streamline workflows, and save your business time and money. Our portfolio of products centers around robust ERP- and PPS-solutions. These core products are complemented by a modular suite of solutions (plug and play) tailored to your unique needs. No two fabricators are the same, so contact us to find out which software solutions can help grow your business