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A+W is the global leader of premium software designed for the flat glass industry. Our innovations in both enterprise resource planning and optimization software has heightened efficiency, raised industry standards, and helped our customers gain more control over every step of the process.

Windows & Doors

A+W Cantor is the most complete software solution that caters exclusively to window and door manufacturers by adhering to their market-specific requirements. The software can be implemented wherever windows are sold — dealers, independent shops, online, direct sales — which demonstrates its versatility in meeting every need.

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Business Processes

You can consistently illustrate your business processes using A+W Cantor. The solution also contains tools with which you can improve your process throughput in your entire company, thus making it more efficient.

Commercial Solutions

  • Integrated material management: Data is only entered once for the job and is available for orders of purchased parts and stock
  • Reduced inventory stocks: Purchase orders (P.O.) proposals are automatically generated, if defined minimum stocks are exceeded
  • Purchase orders for purchase parts are automatically generated and listed in an P.O. overview. The P.O. is executed as late as possible or as early as necessary
  • Duplicate purchase orders are avoided. Everything is documented in the system.
  • Receipt of goods can be comfortably monitored with the aid of the P.O. overview

With A+W Cantor, your commercial and technical orders are always complete and tested. Whether you are making windows out of wood, aluminum, or PVC and no matter whether it is a standard or custom model, A+W Cantor offer and order processing makes it possible to include all materials in just one order.

What good is a fully automated, flexible manufacturing facility if you cannot start production because no one notices that the required materials have not even been delivered yet? The consequence - further challenges that need to be faced, such as the order has to be postponed; no capacities are available in production; and the order cannot be delivered on time.

The fully integrated, comprehensive A+W Cantor software is exactly the solution you need for these and similar problems.

Reduce your costs with active material management with A+W Cantor.

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Production Solutions

  • Every worker has a monitor at their workspace so that production documents, sketches, or additional paper-based order documents are no longer required
  • A+W Cantor integrates administration and production: the process, starting from the creation of the quotation, to the order, production, delivery, and assembly is comprehensively mapped
  • After entering the order and scheduling it in production, all data for this order is available at all positions within the company
  • Using a barcode scan, the employees communicate utilizing the CIM to know if the order is complete or it is time to load the next element

You can avoid paper in your production by utilizing A+W Cantor software. The solution changes the processes in your company, makes order files a thing of the past, reduces stocks, ensures unparalleled delivery reliability, and makes all processes easier and thus more efficient.

In production, errors are often caused by missing documentation or unavailable information. For instance, a customer made a subsequent change to an order. Working documents cannot be printed quickly enough and distributed to all workstations. Therefore, production starts on the basis of old documents.

Another issue you've probably encountered at some point during the production process is employees constantly looking for the material required for the order, whether it be it glass or another kind of material. This search for materials continues at the construction site, too. Assemblers often don't have the necessary accessories, such as loose handles or even entire windows.

The fully integrated, comprehensive A+W Cantor software is exactly the solution you need for these and similar problems. Optimize your processes and create transparency.

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