Glass and Windows from Northern Germany

Stader Glas invests in state-of-the-art technology

With the complete refurbishing of its window production, the medium-sized insulated glass and window manufacturer Stader Glas has taken an important step toward innovation and expanded its capacities.

Variety, Innovation, and Stability

How Teutemacher Glas maximizes value creation

The industry has recognized Teutemacher's expertise for decades. And with good reason, for this glass refiner and insulated glass manufacturer is clearly doing everything right.

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A+W offers software solutions for flat glass businesses of any size with any production environment. Our software is the intelligent backbone of your business.

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With A+W Cantor, the fully integrated software solution for window, door and roller shutter manufacturing, you have all commercial and technical processes under control.

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Industry Solutions

Through our software, A+W delivers comprehensive solutions for the entire value chain. We specialize in products for flat glass, windows, doors, and automotive glass.
Our track record shows accuracy, efficiency and reliability are our strengths.

"With the A+W Production system, we manage our complex product mix very flexibly. No more sheets are lost. And there are almost no complaints. We produce much greater quantities in the same amount of time. In addition, ..."

Markus Heil, IT Manager, Glasprofi

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"Our customers cannot make any more mistakes with A+W iQuote. The entire order runs through a restriction check based on our master data. We get a complete, technically correct order; questions and long-winded clarifications ..."

Wolfgang Neutatz, Managing Director, Schlotterer

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Driving Full-Speed Ahead with Automation Powered by A+W Production

Alex Kastaniuk, owner of Triview Glass Industries, feels the need for speed. The engineering precision he appreciates in his Corvette is what drew him...

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Automation Pioneer – Intelligent Insulated Glass Production

In 2006, the first online IG-production went into operation in Germany. The medium-sized company Glas Herzog was the first to connect an automatic...

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Complex Production Challenges Addressed by A+W at China Glass

China Glass has long been Asia's largest glass fair and one of the largest industry events in the world. For the suppliers and technology partners of...

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