Two Champions Automate Your Stock Management:

A+W Smart Companion and A+W Gantry Interface Work Hand-in-Hand

Achieve highest reliable synchronization when using 'A+W Smart Companion Stock & Inventory' in interaction with the A+W Gantry Interface.

On the path to Industry 4.0:

A+W Smart Factory Controls High-Tech Glass Production

A+W SmartFactory, a completely newly developed production system, controls a highly complex production of fire protection and safety glass in a fully automated way. In less automated plants, A+W SmartFactory controls employee activities and provides information about production statuses.

Is your flat glass company ready for the future?

Be successful in a demanding industry

As a glass processor or insulated glass manufacturer, you produce high-quality flat glass products that have to be delivered quickly. Product variety and performance are increasing, yet lot sizes are usually small, thus, we talk about demanding variant production frequently with a lot size of one. You've got a handle on this. But is that a sufficient prerequisite for solid business?

Evans Glass Company

Employing A+W Software Solutions Since 2017

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Software for Glass

A+W offers software solutions for flat glass businesses of any size with any production environment. Our glass software is the intelligent backbone of your business.

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Software for Windows and Doors

With A+W Cantor, the fully integrated software solution for window, door and roller shutter manufacturing, you have all commercial and technical processes under control.

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Industry Solutions

Through our software, A+W delivers comprehensive solutions for the entire value chain. We specialize in products for flat glass, windows, doors, and automotive glass.
Our track record shows accuracy, efficiency and reliability are our strengths.

"We clarified our requirements, quickly narrowed the choices to the best business partner."

Patrick Smyth, COO, Evans Glass


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"Our customers cannot make any more mistakes with A+W iQuote. The entire order runs through a restriction check based on our master data. We get a complete, technically correct order; questions and long-winded clarifications ..."

Wolfgang Neutatz, Managing Director, Schlotterer

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