We generate Added value for our customer.

  • Increase in profit and measurable success
  • over 40 years of Software Innovation
  • Optimized and smooth processes
  • Sustainability is important to us

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For many companies, information technology (IT) is just another cost block. They often fail to notice the enormous potential offered by the intelligent use of IT – by reducing the production costs, shortening the through times, the handling of a larger product range and more complex products. All this helps to increase customer satisfaction. This is why you should not ask “How much do I have to pay for IT?“ but “How can IT help to increase my competitiveness?“. Our consultants shall be glad to help you identify the potential and the added value.


We are only strong together.

Our focus is on team work with you and your company. From the initial meeting via the definition of the tasks on hand to conceiving and implementing tailored solutions – we are always at your disposal. And we need you, your ideas. In an innovation network with competent, leading figures of the window and glass industry and with the machinery partners of your choice, we open up new potential and increase your competitiveness.