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Thanks to the top-level production system A+W Smart Factory, the glass flow is optimized by coordinating the process flows fully automatically.

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A+W Smart Factory


A+W Smart Factory is a completly newly developed, scalable production system which, as a top-level production system, coordinates process flows completely automatically for an optimized glass flow and connects human, machine, software and product. It enables all coupled machines and software modules to be responsively coordinated with the production data provided. Machine clients communicate flexibly with the system via so-called A+W Smart Factory Clients, which allows the control of machine status and machine capacity of directly connected machines. Planning is done in real time and can be adjusted at any time in the future, so it’s almost always possible to make on-time deliveries. For example, runs that are already underway in production can be subsequently prioritized. The intelligence required for this lies only in the software, which is used to control communication both between machines and between machines and human beings.

With A+W Smart Factory, key production data can be read out from the machines, making their production planning much more accurate and enabling conclusions to be drawn about machine performance, bottlenecks, etc. – your planning basis is what is actually happening in your production. With the A+W IoT Smart Trace data platform, you can combine all data supplied by the machine on one platform, enrich it with data from the PDC and evaluate it on a clear dashboard. Your company becomes more transparent.

The modular structure of A+W Smart Factory minimizes the risks associated with a system changeover. The modular principle makes it possible to convert a production environment only in parts or step-by-step.

A+W Smart Factory connects human, machine, software and product. If there are no possibilities for direct machine communication, A+W Smart Factory clients function as imitation machines that can determine status and capacity per machine thanks to the integrated plant data collection.

A+W Smart Factory is therefore helping smaller companies to grow and is driving automation forward in large operations.

Recording of the A+W SmartFactory Web Session

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Scalable deployment, which helps the smaller operations to become large and the large operations to automate further
  • One infrastructure for automation and non-automation systems
  • Planning is done in real time
  • Multi-level production with backward planning is continuously controlled by intelligent software – without paper, lists, and long routes to travel
  • Faster throughput times
  • On-time delivery

Available add-ons for A+W Smart Factory