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Long after your software is installed, A+W is here for you!

Reliability is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we offer three tiers of service when you need help.

See how our service will increase your return on investment!

A+W’s support team is available to walk you through every phase of our software products, from introduction to launch. But we don’t stop there. A+W offers one-on-one consulting for our entire product range to answer your questions and make sure the software is exceeding expectations. Don’t worry about the software becoming obsolete, either. You’ll receive real-time updates and upgrades that will keep you winning over your customers.

Fast Service, Smart Solutions

No matter where you are located, from Central Europe to Australia to North America, A+W operates a series of global service centers to answer questions and solve problems whenever they occur. Our service technicians are trained in our software and they have a deep knowledge of the dynamics of the flat glass and window industry. In other words, they are one of us.

Sessions are conducted via phone or online, whichever is easiest for solving your problem and getting you on your way. Be secure knowing that when you reach out to A+W you will talk with a peer tasked to help.

How to reach our support:

South West Europe
North East Europe

Great Britain

Support A+W Enterprise

+44 5603 488 606


Support A+W Production

+46 351 754 17

North America



Support A+W Clarity

+52 999 104 2165

Support A+W Clarity und A+W Cantor

+61 1800 284 978

Consulting / Implementation


Nothing is left to chance in the implementation of your projects. Strict, internationally recognized standards determine the quality of our work.

Based on a thorough analysis of demands, our A+W Solutions Architects draw up a detailed specification together with you and define the implementation dates. This is done by means of
process templates (“Best Practices“) which are based on thousands of successful customer projects.

Before installing the system, as much of the necessary programming and configuration work as possible are performed at the A+W office in Pohlheim.

A test environment is set up by means of which the A+W quality assurance team tests all modules thoroughly, making the product ‘bomb-proof’ all round. This way, the complete hardware and
software environment can be implemented within a very short time.

Certified project managers

The hallmarks of a good project manager are practical experience and outstanding know-how. In addition to long years of experience with projects in the flat glass and window industry, our project managers and supervisors are internationally certified by GPM / IPMA standards. This guarantees the necessary knowledge in project management, years of application experience in projects and programs, as well as outstanding social skills. The demands are high: Certification must be renewed in regular intervals. You are therefore on the safe side – because not everyone labelled ‘project manager’ is the genuine thing. At A+W, it is!

Continuous development to keep pace


Software solutions from A+W support you in the optimal design of your workflows. To ensure that daily tasks can be completed even more efficiently, A+W relies on the continuous training of the users of our solutions, because only if your employees are always up-to-date will you use the software optimally.

In order to meet the different requirements, we have developed different training offers.

You can choose between classical trainings where only your employees are trained in your version. These trainings can be held either at your site or at one of our branch offices. In addition, there are general trainings where you get to know the functions and possibilities of individual modules. For these trainings you can choose between a classic training with a trainer at the same location or an online training.

To complete our training offer, we have also created our Business School. Here, customers from different companies are trained simultaneously. Here, our customers clearly benefit from the user exchange across company boundaries.

A+W Cantor Business School (CBS)

“Once again it has been shown how important, useful and informative, the A+W Cantor Business School was last Friday! I find these events just great and would like to thank the responsible persons for their effort! We spoke directly after the event about the implementation of what we have learnt. We look forward to the next event.”

Matthias Rungger, Responsible for market-oriented IT / Master Data Services, Finstral AG

A+W Business School

In the Business School, A+W offer training programs which are not designed for a specific customer version but cover general subjects of our software as well as related topics from the industry. The Business School concept handles various topics: for example; training on the latest software version, special software functions for administrators or functions of the CAD module.

Trust our experts!

At A+W, we do not only know the right program code but also about the requirements of the industry. This is why we can offer the correct training for your individual needs; we shall be pleased to train you on the latest construction products regulations or introduce modern project management methods.

Profit from our user network!

Use the Business School events to exchange information with your colleagues from the industry and other users, in a relaxed atmosphere. In connection with the Business School, A+W offer interesting supporting events.

A+W Clarity Online-Training

“The training as well as the provided documents were perfectly structured and complete. A great help for our daily work. The options provided by the online training are very extensive. What I really liked was that everything was presented very clearly and that we could test everything on our own system – with your guiding help. This is exactly what we need to accomplish the first steps in restructuring our production. Thank you very much!”

Mr. Knott, IT System Administrator, Glas Schöninger

A+W Online-Training

We know that your staff’s time is important and that it is not always possible to find spare time for training and further education. We have developed a new training concept for you combining, in the best possible way, commercial cost awareness with high standards of employee qualification.

Learning with Web 2.0

A+W has created a classroom for virtual meetings and training. Unlike in a real classroom, the training participants and trainers in the virtual classroom can stay at their workplace. Using headsets, the participants listen to the trainer and can also communicate with the other attendees in real-time. Screen contents can be exchanged at the push of a button.

Advance in knowledge

Participating in our virtual classroom enables your employees to put their knowledge directly into use in their everyday work as our training always takes place in exercise oriented blocks of 4 hours each. The newly acquired knowledge can therefore be applied immediately after each lesson.

The training is filmed exclusively for you via web-recording so that you receive a custom-made training package at your disposal. This provides you with the correct tools for training your staff in the future.

It all depends on the right mixture

Depending on the subject, it may be useful to choose the classical way of training – trainer and trainees face to face in the same room.

We would be glad to present to you further packages of the A+W training concept; together we can draw up your own personal training mixture of online and classical training.

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