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A+W iQuote


Today, customers demand service whenever it suits them. They want the ability to search and order products around the clock. A+W iQuote gives your customers the power to check quotes and place orders directly with your company anytime and anywhere — Whether at a building site, in the office, or on the go. Giving your customers access according to their schedule will enhance your relationships, build loyalty, and optimize your processes.

A+W iQuote communicates directly with your A+W Cantor system so that ordering is centralized. The integration creates seamless communication among your customers, dealers, and manufacturers for full transparency and accountability. Better yet, full optimization means there is no double entry of orders. It’s that easy.

Functionalities & Benefits

  • No duplicate master data creation and maintenance for the Web shop thanks to A+W Cantor integration
  • Development of new sales channels and customer groups
  • Easy to handle user interface – without any training
  • Price calculations and construction feasibility tests, as in the A+W Cantor order entry
  • Faster and easier order processing
  • Direct provision of webshop orders for production planning
  • Time-to-market for new products extremely reduced by providing the configuration via the web

A+W iQuote Flyer

You would like to have the information about this product always at hand? Download the informative flyer for A+W iQuote here.

A+W iQuote Flyer