A+W Clarity Standalone Solutions

While many of our modular solutions require integration with A+W Business or A+W Production to operate, in this section we feature the standalone programs that can be run independently from other A+W software solutions.

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A+W CAD Designer Architecture

The A+W CAD Designer makes it possible to capture disk or contour data, all machining operations, the transfer of customer CAD data, and the digitization of templates, using a digitizing table or virtual digitizing, for example. From this data, A+W CAD Designer generates CNC codes for automatic cutting machines and processing machines (e.g., positioning parameters, grinding codes and drilling instructions as well as drawings for commercial papers and production).

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A+W CAD Designer Automotive

A+W CAD Designer Automotive particularly supports the requirements resulting from the production conditions of automotive glass. Special digitizing methods allow swift digitizing of templates. Highly specialized tools facilitate the smoothing and correction of shapes. A special machine axis helps to position the shape on the line. Peculiarities of different line layouts are taken into account. NC programs for all machines of a line are generated in one step. Several production lines can be controlled by just one A+W CAD Designer file. A+W CAD Designer comprehensively supports automotive glass production.

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