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Meet A+W at GlassBuild 2023

Take the opportunity at GlassBuild America 2023 (Register for free using the Promo Code: AW) in Atlanta to stop by our Booth to see our full range of software solutions for SMB to enterprise companies in the flat glass, window, and door industry.

Industry-Specific Focus

A+W’s software solutions are specifically designed for the flat glass, window, and door industry, allowing us tailor to your unique needs and processes. We offer a comprehensive set of features and functionalities that address the specific challenges faced by you, such as complex quoting, e-commerce, configuration, order entry, cutting optimization, integration with CAD and machinery, and shipping/delivery.

Flexibility and Customization

Each fabricator has unique requirements and processes. Our software allows for customization and configuration (custom configured not custom programmed) to adapt to your specific business needs. This flexibility ensures that the software solution is customized to fit the workflows and preferences of you as a fabricator, thus enhancing user experience and efficiency.

Extensive Experience, Expertise, & Innovation

Our long history, over 40 years, and extensive experience in the fabrication industry has allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the challenges and requirements of flat glass, window, and door fabricators, such as your company. This experience enables us to develop software solutions that effectively meet your needs.


Comprehensive Functionality

A+W Software provides a wide range of functions essential for flat glass, window, and door fabricators. Our software solutions cover various aspects of the fabrication process, including quoting, e-commerce, order management, template scanning, production planning, inventory control, shipping/delivery, and much more. This comprehensive approach allows your business to streamline your operations, improve efficiency/yield, and reduce errors.

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What Makes A+W’s Software Solutions Different?

A+W’s dedication to our customers, innovative solutions, 40+ years of experience, and custom-configured software help us stand out from the crowd.

Through our software, A+W delivers comprehensive solutions for the entire value chain, focusing on software solutions for the fabricators of flat glass, windows, doors. Our track record demonstrates our strengths in accuracy, efficiency, reliability, and innovation.

A+W Clarity (our flat glass software division) offers intelligent software solutions (order entry & management, cutting optimization, CAD Designer, barcode scanning, e-commerce, production, inventory, and shipping / delivery) for flat glass businesses of all sizes and production environments, serving as the backbone of your operations.

By employing A+W Cantor’s software solutions (our window and door software division), we are able to control all e-commerce, optimization, production, commercial, and technical processes. A+W Cantor is our fully integrated software solution for window, door, and roller shutter manufacturers.