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A+W Shape Optimizer


Because of ever more complex geometries for windows, facades, and winter gardens, and also interior architectural elements, the share of shapes in the product mix continues to increase. With a usual cut optimization, normally the circumscribed rectangle for a shape is considered in the optimization. Precisely with triangular shapes, this results in very low yield, since under some circumstances, up to 50 % of the rectangle’s area becomes waste.

The A+W module A+W Shape Optimizer can help you here by combining shapes from different items in space-saving fashion within a rectangle. In order to keep the work required on the cutting table as low as possible, a maximum of 2 shapes are nested within the rectangle. A+W Shape Optimizer considers the required auxiliary cuts so that the shapes can be removed easily from the circumscribed rectangle.

Functionality and Benefits

  • Up to 50% savings when cutting individual sheet sizes and shapes
  • “Green production” through maximum yield
  • Automatic nesting of 2 different shape geometries on1 surrounding rectangle to be cut out
  • Quick set-up at any standard cutting line

A+W Shape Optimizer is available for: