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A+W is the global leader of premium software designed for the flat glass industry. Our innovations in both enterprise resource planning and optimization software has heightened efficiency, raised industry standards, and helped our customers gain more control over every step of the process.

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Furniture glass

Furniture glass has many applications — insulating warmth, protecting frozen goods, providing shatterproof protection, or just enhancing the design. The functionality of furniture glass requires multi-stage processing, often involving unique parts, and its manufacturing can involve sophisticated cutting, different finishes, and the production of large quantities.

The distinctive nature of furniture glass requires seamless interaction between the ordering software and machine technology to make the highly integrated production systems work perfectly.

A+W is that software. Our software is the most reliable for this ultra-enhanced and hardened special glass because it controls every step of the entire production. It is also designed to accommodate any alteration in any stage, from quotation to order entry to delivery to invoicing. You’ll also get order forecasts based on warehouse availability and communication with suppliers and freight distributers.

No matter the scope of the project, our software acts as a partner you can rely on to get you what you need on time, with real-time dialogue to keep you informed along the way.