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Thanks to its great flexibility, clarity and deep integration into your production, you always have your production processes fully under control – from planning and optimisation right up to packaging and delivery.

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A+W Production


An expanded product line and state-of the- art machines are placing ever-higher demands on organizational concepts, as well as planning and control software. These machines, which are highly complex and sensitive high-tech systems, enable high cycle rates and thus quick throughput times, but only if the overall concept is right and the production process is optimally planned and controlled. Therefore, scalable software systems and integrated solutions are the key to an optimized production environment.

A+W Production is an extremely flexible PPS solution for complete rough and detailed scheduling for insulated glass, tempered glass, and laminated glass production. The system allows planning and control of even the most demanding multi-level production flows.

The latest improvements within capacity planning and scheduling such as campaign planning, simplified rescheduling possibilities, and improved scheduling algorithms have expanded A+W Production’s functions and simplified the daily business of production management and work preparation.

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Production planning and control by various restrictions (machines, process sequence … )
  • Job management using predefined and self-defined views thanks to open database & views
  • Yield optimization by state of the art optimization kernel
  • Sequence optimization, rack and stacking organization and optimization
  • Optimization directly onto racks and boxes in despatch sequence (Add-On A+W Rack Optimizer)
  • Cutting plan visualization and modification
  • Easy machinery management and direct machine control
  • Efficient & graphical Capacity Planner (Add-On)
  • Full integration of barcoding and tracking (Add-On A+W Barcode Manager)
  • Always up to date statistics using Crystal Reports or QLIK
  • Prinout of production papers, bender text`s and barcode labels
  • Possibility to grow with your company based on add-ons like Capacity Planner, Barcoding, Production Terminal

Integrated modules and business processes

Job Management

To get and keep a complete overview of imported orders and reservations – easy and fast – during the step of production planning and –preperation is the most important. Based on that you can create and manage production jobs which make sense.

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Utilization of views thanks to open data base and easy view concept
  • Display of every necessarry information in different information levels
  • Creation of production jobs by complete orders, items or parts possible
Abbildung der Software - A+W Production Jobverwaltung
Rack Organization & Sequence Optimization

The A+W Production Detailed Scheduling allows you to organize and control the glass flow through the shop floor. Avoid resorting after a process step, save room for racks, make the stacking of glass onto racks easier.

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Assignement of lites to glass stacks onto A-racks and harp racks
  • Determiniation of production- and cutting sequence
  • Printout of rack preparation lists and sorting lists
  • Management of production flows and multistep production
  • Predefined „Organizations“ based on over 40 years global production experience
Abbildung der Software - A+W Production Gesellorganisation
Yield Optimization

By considering the defined production sequences and optimization parameters (e.g. grinding allowances and breakout trims for shapes) A+W Production calculates the best yield possible.

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Yield Optimization based on latest algorithms
  • Consideration of sequence from sequence optimization and / or A+W Rack Optimizer
  • Manual adding of shapes possible
  • Manual editing of optimization parameters possible (trims, x / y direction, costs for z-cuts …)
  • Nesting of shapes (Add-on A+W Shape Optimizer)
Abbildung der Software - A+W Production Verschnittoptimierung

Available add-ons for A+W Production

A+W Production Flyer

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