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A+W Smart Companion


Barcode scanners have long been an indispensable tool for window, door, and shutter manufacturers. From incoming goods to status postings in production to delivery to the customer, data is recorded via barcode reading and passed on to ERP systems.

In addition to the handheld scanners currently in use, smartphones and smart devices are also playing an increasingly important role, equipped with the A+W Smart Companion App and connected to the A+W Cantor software solution. The smartphone camera allows barcodes to be scanned directly and additional information to be shown on the display.

Smart Companion for all Cases – Faster, Easier, and more Cost-Effective

A+W Smart Companion supports areas of materials management and contributes to their digitization. The smartphone is used every day and no longer needs any explanation. So why not use it at work and scan barcodes directly with the smartphone and the appropriate A+W Smart Companion app?

The user interface is designed so that the app can be used intuitively, and no training is required, which helps to save time and money. Users are guided through the app so that, for example, invalid bookings due to an incorrect reading sequence of barcodes are excluded.

Areas of Application

A+W Smart Companion for A+W Cantor is currently available for Production and Stock.

In the production area, the app can be used in the dispatch warehouse to book finished elements and accessories onto racks and assign them to a dispatch area, whereby several elements can be scanned simultaneously in so-called continuous mode (camera mode).

As a mobile info terminal (read mode), the app provides support by displaying, for example, the production status of individual order items or objects located on a rack. This provides information at all times on the production stage in which the elements are located. Material can be requested directly at the previously defined registration points by scanning the barcodes.

Another important function are the dynamic forms. Within a form, information can be requested from the user. The input is supported by selection lists, checkboxes, sliding buttons, etc. Users can also customize these to suit their individual needs. Complaints can be recorded in the app with a photo and transmitted directly to A+W Cantor CIM. This eliminates the need for double data entry.

The stock area covers goods receipt and material transfer postings as well as inventory postings, so that these processes can be completely processed via the mobile app. For example, an overview of all counted items can be displayed. The data is available directly in A+W Cantor.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Hardly any learning effort due to the use of a familiar, daily used device
  • Increased employee productivity through user-friendly app
  • Time saving due to faster scanning of multiple barcodes (continuous mode)
  • Information advantage, as the status and location of an element can be seen quickly and conveniently at any time

A+W Smart Companion Flyer

You want to have the information about this product always at hand? Download the informative flyer for A+W Smart Companion here.

A+W Smart Companion Flyer