CAD for Automotive Glass

A+W CAD Designer Automotive particularly supports the requirements resulting from the production conditions of automotive glass. Special digitizing methods allow swift digitizing of templates. Highly specialized tools facilitate the smoothing and correction of shapes. A special machine axis helps to position the shape on the line. Peculiarities of different line layouts are taken into account. NC programs for all machines of a line are created in one step. Several production lines can be controlled by just one A+W CAD Designer file. A+W CAD Designer comprehensively supports automotive glass production.

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A+W CAD Designer (Automotive)


The special challenge in connection with entering free shapes for automobile glass applications is to enter a vast number of parameters quickly and accurately and sketch them technically correct to turn them into a reliable CNC code.

Functionalities & Benefits

    • Easy and quick creation of complex individual shapes and standard template files for re-use in ERP systems
    • Easy entering and changing of difficult shapes and processings (for example complex cut-outs or radii)
    • Little training required thanks to graphical tools and modern user guidance
    • Correction of imprecise digitalized shapes with the A+W patented smoothing process (streaming mode)
    • Possibility of direct control of your CNC machine
    • Extension of your product-specific shape catalog by free constructions with A+W CAD Designer
    • Editing of data for the optimization / production control with machinery control (optional)