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A+W is the global leader of premium software designed for the flat glass industry. Our innovations in both enterprise resource planning and optimization software has heightened efficiency, raised industry standards, and helped our customers gain more control over every step of the process.

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With the A+W Cantor dealer solution, manufacturers of windows, doors, gates, and sun protection systems give their dealers software they can use to process quotations and orders for end customers and at the same time, place orders with the manufacturer. Due to the complete integration of the dealer solution, the A+W fenestration software offers optimal interlocking of processes between dealers and manufacturers.




Many window, door, gate, and sun protection system manufacturers are confronted with the following challenges:

  • Many dealers persist in sending handwritten orders in which the handwriting is sometimes illegible, which means that the people entering orders have to ask questions.
  • It may not be possible to produce ordered items, which requires another call to the dealer.

If you are also confronted with such challenges, we can offer you the right software solution with A+W Cantor:

Make your dealers your order entry professionals!

  • The dealer gets a tool that he can use to manage quotations and orders for his end customers.
  • Thanks to a comprehensive plausibility check, dealers can always enter quotations and orders correctly in the system.
  • Duplicate entry (at the dealer and the manufacturer) is no longer necessary since the dealer solution is completely integrated and orders can be scheduled directly in production. This saves time and money by reducing internal order entry – and in the high season, there are no delays in order entry. A+W Cantor customers have been able to achieve online order quotas of more than 75%, which saves valuable time.
  • Orders via A+W Cantor Reseller software can be made much faster than determination using price lists.
  • Dealers have the opportunity to create other products such as windowsills and installation materials and services.
  • Dealers access a central database online, which means that products and prices are always up-to-date and updates are taken care of; the dealer can only sell what is currently in the product line.
Customers are used to ordering products on the Internet. With the Webshop A+W iQuote, dealers can enter quotations and orders and place orders directly with the manufacturer – at any time and from anywhere, whether on the construction site or in the office. In addition, this is a helpful tool for the sales force since it can be used to configure products with the customer on-site. This is possible since the Webshop A+W iQuote and A+W Cantor are completely integrated solutions.

Many window, door, gate, and sun protection system manufacturers are confronted with the following challenges:

  • Smaller dealers tend to use the computer less, so that dealer programs are too complicated and too much work to operate for them. That’s why they still often order on paper.
  • The dealer’s quotation, which goes to the end customer, is frequently not visually appealing and is technically inadequate, so that one order or another gets lost – and this means an order lost for the manufacturer.
  • Creating and maintaining extra master data and logic for a Webshop is much too much work.

If you are also confronted with such challenges, we can offer you the right software solution with A+W iQuote:

  • The Webshop A+W iQuote offers easy, guided access to more complex variant configuration.
  • Orders can be entered online in user-friendly fashion and without previous training.
  • A+W iQuote is completely integrated and results in an order process that is identical to order entry in the dealer program.
  • A+W iQuote does not need its own master data; instead, it works seamlessly with the master data from your manufacturer system so that there are no restriction checks.
  • The dealer can send a technically correct and visually perfect quotation to his customer and manage his quotations, orders, customer master data, own delivery conditions and payment terms, etc. In addition, the dealer can send quotations and order confirmations to his customers, incl. graphics.
  • A Webshop enables the exploitation of new sales channels and contributes to new customer acquisition and customer loyalty.
Remote access to Webshop A+W iQuote

The Webshop A+W iQuote can be called as configurator as follows:

  • from another A+W iQuote Webshop operated by the market partner
  • from the quotation and order entry in A+W Cantor
  • from certain third-party ERP window building programs
  • Dealers, and especially window manufacturers who sell sun protection items as retail goods, generally have their own software solution and do not want to use (another) dealer solution.

    Remote access enables the customer to call up the Webshop Webshop A+W iQuote from within another solution, configure the desired product, transfer the item information back into his solution, and order directly from the manufacturer. All of this happens without having to enter information twice. This way, a window manufacturer can call the Webshop A+W iQuote of a roller shutter manufacturer (such as Schlotterer Sonnenschutz Systeme) from his window-building program and configure and order the appropriate roller shades for the window directly. And the good thing is that the roller shutter manufacturer has the automatically in his A+W Cantor ERP system and can schedule it for production – without any additional order entry.