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A+W iQuote


A+W iQuote brings your online shop into the future. Your customers can enter and manage quotations and orders 24/7 and view quotation/order status – even when they’re on the road. This not only gives you an additional sales channel, it also provides competitive advantages. It reduces the work involved in recalculating quotations and orders and making changes, for, depending on the status, your customers can make these changes themselves and also enter notes (for example, different delivery address or requested delivery date).

A+W iQuote relies on your ERP system, which means that the data comes directly and online from your database. There are no more delays due to e-mails or telephone calls only to find out that a customer inquired about a product that cannot be built. The products and prices that your customers see online are always up-to-date and you can manage them in your ERP system. A+W iQuote follows the rules of your A+W ERP system, with the same prices, feasibility and plausibility checks that you have defined there.

Functionalities & Benefits

  • Browser-based product configuration
  • Online construction and price calculation
  • Data directly calculated and saved in A+W ERP
  • Products, prices and discounts from your A+W ERP System
  • Integrated authorization based on A+W ERP
  • Paperwork done by ERP
  • Interface for touch screen
  • Order history
  • Attractive design
  • Responsive Design: made for modern and portable devices (tablets)
  • Creation of orders and quotes
  • Restrictions and prices from ERP for that customer (login)
  • Entry of single glass, Lami and IG (incl. exchange of glasses and spacer), stock sizes and boxes (cases)

A+W iQuote is available for:

A+W iQuote Flyer

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A+W iQuote Flyer