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Scan smarter with Smart Devices

A+W Smart Companion assists users along the entire value-creation chain, contributing to its digitalization and saving time and money, for processes become more flexible. The hardware can be any modern smartphone or the TC20 smart device from Zebra. In addition to all the features that distinguish a smartphone, it also has a hardware-supported bar code scanner.

Digitalize your stock-keeping wirh the new A+W Smart Companion Stock module. Use your smart devices as scanner hardware to enter incoming and outgoing stock, rebookings, and changes, etc. For inventory, the inventory function of the stock module provides useful filters, checklists, and dashboards.

Functionality and Benefits

  • Runs under iOS and Android
  • User-friendly menu giudance
  • Depending on requirements, can be used on different smart devices
  • Scanning of several bar codes in continuous mode
  • Continuous digital stock management
  • Safe and secure inventory
  • Record incoming goods and stock transactions quickly and without errors
  • more efficient workflows, no unnecessary running around

A+W Smart Companion is available for:

A+W Enterprise

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A+W Business

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A+W Smart Companion Flyer + Web Session

Would you like to always have access to the information about this product? Download the informative flyer for A+W Smart Companion or watch our A+W Smart Companion Web Session here.

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