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Get more profitable through software from A+W

A+W Glass Industry 4.0

With the A+W manufacturing software, intelligent networked glass processors and constructional element manufacturers already show today that Industry 4.0 significantly optimizes the manufacture of highquality glass production processes and logistics.

Working mobile with A+W

The permanent availability of mobile terminal services calls for equally highly available software solutions, as a webshop for glass products or as a dashboard for monitoring production environments. State-of-the-art machines generate more and more realtime data that can be put to direct use.

A+W Optimization Solutions

Today A+W optimization systems not only manage complex machine configurations in cutting. Current solutions manage the entire supply chain of the insulating glass manufacturer/processor and also for the customer, whose needs dictate the optimization strategy and packaging sequence of the glass supplier.

A+W Solutions

A+W IoT Platform

Modern glass fabricators are using powerful A+W Software to manage complex and connected Internet of Things (IoT) data, empower machine-driven decisions and lead by example into Industry 4.0.

A+W Logistics Optimizer

A+W Logistics Optimizer – creates and optimizes transport routes based on orders and truck load.

A+W iQuote

Give your customers and dealers the possibility to calculate quotes and orders 24/7 online by using your homepage. Gain a competetive advantage and keep up with the times!

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