"The staff is not supposed to run around the shop floor to gather information but they shall have all the information they need for the production step on hand right at their workstation."

Stefan Herrmann

- Semcoglas Glastechnik GmbH

Semcoglas Glastechnik GmbH

Production control through A+W Production

At their Nordhorn location, Semcoglas Glastechnik produce highly complex toughened and laminated glass. The new, cutting-edge processing machinery is designed for the production of safety glass up to a size of 2.80 x 6 m. Top quality combined with utmost delivery capacity – the machines are the best, and the staff is excellently qualified for this task.

The processes of this highly complex individual and high volume production have to be controlled with the highest degree of precision to make sure that the production machines cooperate seamlessly, avoiding down times and perfectly synchronizing all processes of this multi-stepped production. This is guaranteed by A+W Production, the integrated production system which does not only handle rough and detailed scheduling but also controls the whole tracking of sheets and the vital monitoring of the processing terminals.

Stefan Herrmann,
Branch Manager

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In Nordhorn / Germany, Semcoglas Glastechnik are producing toughened and laminated glass of the utmost production depth. The new, ultra modern processing machinery is meant for the production of safety glass units of up to 2,80 x 6 metres in size.

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