"Thanks to A+W Production and A+W Barcoding, the shop floor as well as the A+W Business order processing system know the processing status of every sheet, any time. The staff can answer customers’ enquiries right away on the phone – our customers appreciate this!"

Stina Wollenius

- Klaes Jansson AB

Klaes Jansson

Premium software for premium glass

The affiliated companies Klaes Jansson, Stockholm, and Martin G. Andersson of Örebro have a reputation in the industry as reliable full-range suppliers with top delivery reliability for IG, toughened glass, and processing. Klaes Jansson has been the only toughened glass producer in the Stockholm area for more than twenty years.
Intelligent logistics
Complex projects require powerful logistics – from order entry via production organization to dispatch. “Today”, Stina Wollenius explains, “we profit from A+W ERP and production software which was implemented in 2009. Both production sites have a fully networked IT environment. All order data are entered just once, after which they are available throughout the company for order confirmation, control of CNC machinery, or statistical analysis.

Stina Wollenius,
Managing Director of Glasgruppen

Press Article

Architectural glass from their own productions, a well-assorted flat glass wholesale trade, and utmost competence in the field of modern structural glazing have made the owner-managed sister companies AB Klaes Jansson of Stockholm and AB Martin G Andersson of Örebro popular partners for the glazing business, metal workers, and sophisticated projects.

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