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About the Product

The process involves meticulous guidance through the input of offers and job details, with strict measures in place to prevent erroneous or technically deficient entries. Comprehensive protocols for technical validations are incorporated into the master data, including specifications, such as fittings or profiles. Seamlessly integrated with materials management, data is entered just once for each job, ensuring its availability for both orders of purchased components and inventory management.

A+W Cantor provides transparency for companies, extending seamlessly from initial stages through to production, shipping, and subsequent service and installation planning. This framework enables continuous oversight, allowing for adherence to schedules and meeting specific requirements. Real-time tracking of order statuses enables prompt and accurate responses to customer inquiries, eliminating the need for manual search through paper documents in production processes, thus enhancing efficiency .

AW Cantor CIM ERP EN 240516

ERP – Integrated Modules & Business Processes

  • Quotation and order processing allows entry of all materials for an order
  • A+W Cantor conducts credit limit checks and considers individual delivery blocks before creating order confirmations
  • Seamless integration with web configurators from adeco, dpi, OBUK, Rodenberg, ROMA, Schlotterer Sonnenschutz, and Warema ensures incorporation of the latest product offerings directly into the order entry process
  • A remake order for customer complaints can be generated with just a few clicks in A+W Cantor, thus retaining reference to the original order
  • The multilingual software allows you to serve customers around the world in their local language

  • Just-in-time ordering ensures materials arrive as late as possible yet as early as necessary
  • Fully priced purchase orders and generated for stored suppliers for all order-related purchased materials
  • Automated order management and electronic communication with suppliers are facilitated through openTRANS®
  • Incoming and outgoing goods can be automatically booked or scanned using a mobile scanner

  • A+W includes process improvement tools, such as workflow and task management, along with an info center, which facilitates company-wide optimization
  • The integrated SQL tool allows for the creation of queries to analyze and optimize every area within the company
  • Each user in A+W Cantor can create a personalized overview (cockpit), importing cross-divisional real-time evaluations for decision-making
  • All documents and inter-departmental communication are stored within the system, promoting a paperless office, lean administration, and heightened efficiency
  • Achieve paper-free operations through a digital documentation system

CIM – Integrated Modules & Business Processes

  • Order confirmations in A+W Cantor factor in production capacity and material requirements to determine precise delivery dates
  • Just-in-time planning calculates tasks for all steps across departments, thus ensuring seamless coordination
  • Flexible batch formation optimizes line capacity
  • Cut optimization reduces material waste and costs
  • Access all production-relevant information from labels to worksheets, directly within the system
  • A+W Cantor manages machine control for streamlined production
  • Increase efficiency and save time in the production process by eliminating the need for material and element searches
  • Customize monitor displays to flexibly suit individual workplace requirements
  • Access up-to-date digital worksheets anytime, thus eliminating errors caused by out-of-date documents
  • Real-time tracing of materials and elements in production is enabled through continuous barcode usage
  • A+W Cantor offers tools for customers to create personalized production cockpits, which are tailored to their needs
  • Integrated plant-specific production control enhances efficiency
  • A+W Cantor considers loading sequence in shipping rack preparation during production planning
  • Pick lists detail storage locations for manufactured and , thus ensuring comprehensive loading for each truck
  • Delivery route planning accounts for truck capacities, order weights, unit cargo areas, and preferred delivery days per area
  • A+W Cantor offers warehouse organization with storage space management for finished elements, accessories, and purchased parts
  • Automatically generate a plan during order creation, thus incorporating production scheduling
  • The plan automatically accounts for the time and installation materials required for each order
  • Geographic criteria are considered when assigning installation teams
  • Appointments are automatically transferred to installation employees’ Outlook calendars
  • Incorporation of OpenStreetMap provides geographic support
  • Planned and actual times can be compared to create statistical evaluations

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