A+W Cantor Dealer Cloud

From dealer order directly to your production

Less coordination with dealers


Simplified acquisition of new dealers and increased customer retention

Optimal support of the sales channel

Increased process efficiency

About the Product

Window producers can empower their dealers by providing access to modules from A+W Cantor Dealer Cloud. These modules enable dealers to effortlessly generate offers, place orders, create delivery notes, and issue invoices. Additionally, dealers can establish and manage their own installation services, handle basic items, and efficiently maintain their customer base.

A+W Cantor Dealer Cloud provides an easily accessible and user-friendly entry interface, which is a currently extensively utilized by several thousand dealers. These dealers operate as part of a multi-trade solution, where each dealer is established as a client within the system.

“With our A+W Cantor dealer software, our dealers handle their quotations, order  confirmations, orders, and invoices. The software is the right tool to organize operations quickly, easily, and securely. Thanks to the well-structured quotations, the order rate increases, and through simple and clear processes, costs decrease. 75% of the windows we manufacture are ordered with the software.”

– Karl-Wilhelm Siems, Siems fenster + türen GmbH


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  • Dealer orders seamlessly integrated into the manufacturer’s A+W Cantor system, ensuring swift processing without delays
  • Quotations and orders undergo automatic technical restriction and commercial checks (including prices and conditions) for accuracy
  • Dealers receive electronic order confirmation completely with delivery dates for added convenience
  • In addition to manufacturer products, dealers can include individual items and installation services in their quotations and orders
  • The A+W Cantor Reseller software serves as a valuable tool for fostering customer loyalty and attracting new dealer customers
  • The entire process is fully digitalized, which provides optimal support for the sales channel and enhancing efficiency

  • When creating the order, a plan is created automatically
  • The plan automatically includes the time and installation materials required for the order
  • Your employees’ special qualifications can also be considered, as can geographic criteria for the composition of the team/routes
  • Dates can be transferred automatically into installation employees’ Outlook calendars
  • Incorporation of OpenStreetMap offers geographic support by visualizing all delivery locations
  • Planned and actual times can be compared in order to create statistical evaluations

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