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A+W Production Terminal


The A+W Production Terminal is available both as a professional add-on for A+W Production as well as in an entry version for A+W Business Pro.

The flexible A+W Production Terminals support your production process in the long term. These high-performance screen displays serve workers not just as a comprehensive information medium, they also offer the opportunity to intervene interactively in process control.

Depending on your individual production organization, you get a complete and high-performance production data collection, whose user-friendly keyboard entries can be supplemented with bar code scanners. With this solution, you will increase the process overview in your production and increase productivity thanks to a nearly paperless flow.

Functionality and Benefits

  • Visualizing of structures, dimensions and processing’s to be done
  • Display of CAD sketches
  • Document links
  • Booking of breakage and reason
  • Booking and feedback of machine status
  • Automatic reject handling (in case of defined remake management)
  • Less paperwork on the shop floor
  • Fully adjustable screens and user interface
  • Predefined A+W Standard screens based on 40 years experience in glass processing
  • Status bookings and feedback to ERP & A+W Production
  • Deep integration with A+W Barcode Manager
  • Control by foot- panel possible
  • Display of rack information for following processes
  • Online printing of labels in sequence for finished products
  • Online Machine control based on direct CNC code creation
  • Feasibility check of previous processes
  • Higher productivity, efficiency and process quality

A+W Production Terminal is available for:

A+W Production Terminal Flyer

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A+W Production Terminal Flyer