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A+W DynOpt



A+W DynOpt is a dynamic optimization and cutting control system for cutting, breaking, and sorting. As an add-on for the A+W production system A+W Production, it optimizes waste to achieve maximum yield while adhering to the predefined production sequence and it controls dynamic sorting systems such as the HEGLA SortJet. With A+W DynOpt, it is possible for the first time to create any desired sequence without having to reduce profitability.
A+W DynOpt allows the simultaneous cutting and breaking of several glass types. The system controls and synchronizes several cutting tables, sorting buffers, and residual lite management systems and ensures realtime data exchange with other production systems such as the insulated glass line. In combination with a dynamically-controlled intermediate buffer a continuous glass flow is achieved, into which rush orders and remakes can be inserted in timely fashion with a constant waste ratio.

Functionality and Benefits

  • Automatic linking and mixing of cutting jobs
  • Automatic & flexible input of residual plates and stock sheets
  • Dynamic and flexible change of glass types and stock sizes
  • Controls automatic gantry system
  • Controls residual stock (e.g. Hegla Remaster)
  • Fully automated optimization, cutting and sorting
  • Optimum yield in connection with the required production sequence
  • Permanent flow of material – endless optimization – endless glass stream
  • Permanent re-optimization
  • Minimum manual work through a maximum of automation
  • Reduced risk of breakages -> quality improvement
  • No limit with regard to the batch size (from the individual sheet to daily production)
  • Controlled output onto one or more harp racks, or directly to one or more IG lines
  • Synchronization of multiple cutting tables -> allows to cut and break multiple glass types at the same time
  • Automatic workload balancing over several tables / lines
  • Own, high-end optimization core -> no big / space consuming sorting system needed
  • Automatic remakes in case of breakages (remake concept needed)
  • Rush lites / rush orders are cut with higher priority
  • Residual plates are used for optimization with a higher ranking

A+W DynOpt Basic

The cost-effective starter version of A+W Dynopt without sorting machine

A+W DynOpt Basic is the starter version of A+W DynOpt. In basic mode, A+W DynOpt works directly with racks, which are filled either manually or with a simple sorting system without intermediate buffer. At least for the major glass types, A+W DynOpt Basic produces excellent glass yield and prevents left-over lites, thus ensuring a continuous flow of completed harp racks from cutting.

A+W DynOpt is available for: