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A+W Logistics Optimizer

Intelligent route planning and delivery

The A+W Logistics Optimizer creates and optimizes the shortest routes – taking into consideration your real fleet and the order data transmitted. The system will tell you – taking into consideration route limitations (e. g. bridge height or permissible vehicle weight) and traffic information – the optimal route with the optimal sequence of delivery points.

But the A+W Logistics Optimizer does not just assist with route planning and evaluation, it also assists with the delivery itself. Thus on the one hand you can export the route data to the navigation system; on the other hand, you can use a delivery app on a mobile phone to book the delivery and report it back to the office in real time.

Functionality and Benefits

  • Automatic creation and / or optimization of routes and delivery addresses & weight within (2 modes)
  • Reallocation based on timings, additional stops and traffic jam information
  • Based on Nokia Maps – considers truck restrictions (bridge-height, weight, tolls, tunnels…), and the situation on the roads
  • Printouts of reports for truck-driver and customs
  • Mobile app for driver and gps online delivery tracking
  • Feedback to ERP possible (e.g for printout of del. notes and invoices)
  • Delivery statistics
  • A+W Smart Delivery as scalable solution

A+W Logistics Optimizer is available for:

A+W Enterprise

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A+W Business

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A+W Business Pro

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