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A+W CAD Designer (Shapes)


The special challenge of free-form entry of construction and automobile glass is entering the multitude of parameters quickly and correctly, drawing technically correctly and clearly, and generating reliable CNC code from this.

The A+W CAD Designer (Shapes) enables the entry of lite and contour data, all processings, the takeover of customer CAD data and the digitalization of templates, for example via digitalization table or virtual digitizing.

Functionality and Benefits

  • Easy and quick creation of complex individual shapes and standard template files for re-use in ERP systems
  • Easy entering and changing of difficult shapes and processings (for example edge deletion or complex cut-outs)
  • Correction of imprecise digitalized shapes with the A+W patented smoothing process (streaming mode)
  • Possibility of direct control of your CNC machine
  • Extension of your product-specific shape catalog by free constructions with A+W CAD Designer (Shapes)
  • Efficient data compilation and processing, made possible by the separation of fixed and variable dimensioning
  • Editing of data for the optimization / production control with machinery control (optional)
  • Templates can be defined with fixed or variable parameters
  • Import and processing of DXF-files
  • Base of A+W iShape

A+W CAD Designer (Shapes) is available for: