Business Pro

The complete solution for efficient business processes in the flat glass industry

Quickly ready for use

Fully integrated commercial and production technology solution


Mapping of all multi-stage production processes

Flexible scheduling modes

Production plannable for speed or margin

Capacity planning

Integrated capacity planning for optimum machine utilization

About the Product

A+W Business Pro integrates commercial and production functions seamlessly tailored for flat glass fabricators. This seamless functionality allows you to manage your business divisions efficiently with our software solution by ensuring optimal operations.

Characterized by swift operational readiness and flexibility, A+W Business Pro enables rapid production release and detailed planning via the wizard function (a.k.a. expert mode). You can also plan your production releases based on speed or profit margin and map the entire multi-stage production process.

Integrated capacity planning maximizes machine utilization, facilitating efficient production scheduling. Enjoy various output options, including quick generation of production documents, NC codes and predefined lists and labels.

Utilize A+W Business Pro to select, reserve, and book stock sheets, optimizing cutting per batch and glass type. Directly control your machines and enable production feedback to ensure accurate stock levels today and in the future.

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Fully integrated commercial & production solution
  • Expert mode allows for more detailed and optimized planning possible and faster production release
  • Quick and easy output of production documents and NC codes for connected machines
  • Merging of parts list items into production lots (multi-stage production)
  • Selection, reservation, and booking of stock plates
  • Cutting optimization per batch and glass type
  • Pre-defined production lists and labels
  • Direct machine control
  • Manage batches for greater optimization
  • Correctly layer inventory thanks to feedback from production

Versatile and expandable, this software solution accommodates your company’s growth needs. Benefit from comprehensive master data management and automated processes to streamline operations, all within an affordable software package that increases your business’ success.

Looking to grow? Add modules, such as A+W Rack Optimizer or A+W iShape, to enable greater growth and scalability of your business.

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