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A+W Defect Optimizer


Do your customers complain about flawed lites/windows after installation? Do you have to report finished units broken after washing due to breaks and inclusions and remake them? Then, you would already have incurred significant costs for production (and dispatch) of the lite. And now you must invest in remaking a lite and if necessary, sending it to the customer again.
Statistically, every second jumbo lite has a defect. However, inclusions and defects on stock and residual lites are frequently detected only very late – for example during quality control before/after IGU assembly or in the worst case, at the customer’s. Why not detect and consider defects in the optimization even before cutting?

Functionality and Benefits

  • Detects defects before cutting – early in the process chain: saves your money
  • Statistically 0.6 defects per jumbo
  • Optimizer considers defects per jumbo – rearranges lites – tries to keep the overall sequence
  • If not possible to avoid – small (cheap) lites on defects + automatic remakes
  • Defects on residual plates are saved – no new detection necessary!
  • Together with Viprotron quality scanner or based on coordinates from your supplier
  • Real-time optimization to recalculate the existing results
  • Updated machine control during ongoing cutting process

A+W Defect Optimizer is available for: