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A+W iShape


For production of a non-rectangular shapes, glass processors frequently receive a hand drawing or a wood, chipboard, or cardboard template from their customer. However, in order to process this non-rectangular shape, modern CNC machines require digital data.

In order to solve this problem, A+W, in conjunction with Viprotron, developed a user-friendly, easy-to-operate app called A+W iShape, which is in its second iteration. To make conversion into digital data easier, the customer template is fitted with L-shaped reference objects and then photographed with a high-end smartphone camera, which serve to correct any distortions when photographing.

What makes A+W iShape special? In contrast to older solutions, there is no need to calibrate the camera! A+W iShape works with any quality smartphone camera. You take the photo, the photo is de-blurred and transformed into a stream of points. For further processing, machine data or DXF files can be generated. Overall, the entire recording process takes just a few minutes.

Functionality and Benefits

  • Quick, reliable digitalization of templates
  • Use of a good smartphone camera instead of an expensive, heavy digital camera
  • No calibration of the camera required
  • Automatic import of the photo into the A+W CAD Designer (Shapes)
  • Automatic import of the photo into the A+W CAD Designer (Shapes)
  • Smoothing of the contour via the A+W patented smoothing process
  • Reliable compensation of distortions thanks to the reference object
  • Output as DXF or A+W CAD format (SN) for use in A+W ERP and control of your machines with quick transfer to CNC machines

A+W iShape Flyer

Would you like to always have access to the information about this product? Download the informative flyer for A+W iShape here.

A+W iShape Flyer