Smart Factory

The future of manufacturing fully automated, scalable, efficient

Fully automatic

Automation of all production stages and processes



Suitable for any size company


Any complex production flows can be mapped

Real-time calculation

Dynamic adjustment of production optimization

About the Product

A+W Smart Factory is a completely newly developed, scalable manufacturing solution that helps both small and large companies to increase their efficiency and continue to grow. Its modular, service-oriented infrastructure enables the seamless integration of automation and non-automation systems. Production optimization takes place in real time and adapts dynamically, while multi-stage production with backward planning is controlled end-to-end by intelligent software.

A+W Smart Factory networks people, machines, software, and products.

This software solution enables all connected machines and software modules to be responsively coordinated with the production data provided. Machine clients communicate flexibly with the system via so-called A+W Smart Factory Clients, which allow the machine status and machine capacity of directly connected machines to be monitored. Planning takes place in real time and can be adjusted at any time so that delivery can almost always be made on time. For example, batches that are already in production can be subsequently prioritized. The necessary intelligence is provided exclusively by the software, which controls communication both between machines and between machines and people.

An outstanding feature is the full automation of all production stages and processes, which enables companies to optimize their production. A+W Smart Factory also offers fast and on-time delivery by aligning production with the shipping group and accurate slice tracking within the automation line. The integration of intelligent oven bed optimization and automation across all production steps ensures faster throughput times and efficient production.

YouTube Glass Industry Network - Video Interview with Dennis Tiegs, Chief Operating Officer of A+W Clarity
Recording of the A+W SmartFactory Web Session

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Infrastructure for automation and non-automation systems
  • Real-time planning
  • Multi-level production with backward planning controlled by intelligent software
  • Without papers, lists or long distances
  • Faster throughput times
  • On-time deliveries

A+W Smart Factory is scalable and suitable for companies of any size, while also offering dynamic adjustment of production optimization in real time. Its ability to conduct higher-level process optimizations and the ability to combine different production modules make it a versatile solution for the modern manufacturing industry.

You too can benefit from the efficient software solution from A+W for your company!