A+W Analytics

Statistical Evaluations And Reports Using QLIK®

A+W Analytics is the perfect information & control terminal. You can at any time view the most important KPI’s and key figures of your company based on the real data of your A+W ERP and / or A+W PPS system. Always make the right decisions e.g. regarding prices, products or new investments in machines or tools.

Functionalities & Benefits

  • Statistical evaluations based on the A+W ERP- und PPS-data bases – live und archive db’s
  • Grafical display of KPI’s
  • Adjsutable user interface
  • Completely Web-Based - display on desktop PC, tablets or mobile phones
  • Hight information density
  • Usage of predefined A+W reports / views
  • Creation of selfdefined reports / views
  • Full Control over all aspects of analysis apps, permissions and data management
  • Scalable datamodels and applications

System Info

Multi site, 3-tier, possible for Terminal Server
Own Server
Operating System:
MS Windows
Data source:
No own db, via QVD files, ODBC-drivers and –interface needed for SQL-Server or Informix
System requirements for the QLIK server:

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