ERP system for corporate groups and upscale medium-sized companies

Dispatch control

Precise deadline commitments based on real-time information


High processing speed thanks to automated processes

Multi-client capability

Hybrid models for controlling multiple locations

Intelligent order allocation

Orders can be accepted centrally and distributed to different fabrication facilities

About the Product

A+W Enterprise is a state-of-the-art, high-performance ERP software solution specially developed for large and medium-sized companies in the flat glass processing industry. Our state-of-the-art software solution offers a wide range of functions to efficiently design and optimally support your business processes.

Thanks to its multi-client capability, A+W Enterprise enables the distribution of quotations and orders to different fabrication facilities, making it possible to control multiple locations from one central facility. This software solution offers fully automated handling of intra-group purchase orders between different A+W Enterprise systems and enables the mapping of centralized or decentralized company/group networks.

A key feature is the visual data entry aid, which reduces input errors and enables fast processing and order handling. By automating processes in purchasing, sales, dispatch control, and storage, fabrication time is sped up and errors are minimized. Additionally, to ensure your system is stable and secure, we built it using a UNIX/Linux system with Informix database.

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Quickly enter purchase orders (P.O.s) and distribute them throughout your fabrication facilities (multi-client capability)
  • Fully automated handling of internal P.O.s between A+W Enterprise systems
  • Mapping of company/group networks (branch structures)
  • Visual entry aid and automatic adjustment of parts lists to reduce input errors
  • Automated processes in purchasing, sales, dispatch control, and storage
  • High degree of system stability and security
  • Fully integrated technical order entry (with automatic comparison of parts lists and merging of CAD templates)

With A+W Enterprise, you can save time and money thanks to the fully integrated technical order entry with automatic comparison of parts lists and the merging of CAD templates. Our dispatch control enables precise deadline commitments based on real-time information and increases delivery reliability through DIFOT (Delivery In Full On Time) dispatch control.

Our solution is characterized by its speed, multi-client capability, intelligent order allocation, and extended workbench. It offers complete integration of your business processes and supports you in designing your business processes efficiently, while managing your company successfully.

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