A+W Business

A modern ERP software solution that grows with you

Modern look and feel

View important company data at a glance

Integrated calculation

Calculation of all components on the basis of purchase and sales price lists

Technically advanced

Special parts lists for smooth order processing


Automation through individually configurable workflows

About the Product

A+W Business offers users a modern ERP software solution specially developed for small and medium-sized companies fabricating flat glass. Our software solution enables you and your employees to record and manage important company data to enable more efficient business processes.

Functionality and easy of use are vital to your business success. We designed A+W Business to streamline your functions, including simple order entry and processing, which allows you to copy documents and generate automatic purchases or order proposals and an innovative parts list that can handle every part of a product tracking it throughout your facility.

One standout feature is our system’s ability to handle orders, whether placed by users or automated processes. You have the flexibility to set up custom workflows, saving time and money through automation. 

Additionally features include the following:

(1) Our software smoothly connects with A+W Production, making it easy to transfer orders, purchase orders, and track production progress; (2) integrating A+W CAD Designer and standard shaping & machining catalog simplifies technical order input; and (3) our system supports swift and easy evaluations and analyses utilizing either Crystal Reports or QLIK reports.

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Modern appearance
  • Intuitive interface & processing steps
  • Streamlined order processing
  • Automation options
  • Potential connection with A+W Production and A+W CAD Designer
  • Quick and easy evaluations and analyses

Known for its modern approach, intuitive interface, powerful calculation capabilities, and advanced technical features, our solution is flexible, catering to both individual enterprises and conglomerates. With A+W Business, you gain access to a comprehensive software suite designed to streamline your business workflows and bolster managerial control over your company.

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