A+W Logistics Optimizer

From Order To Delivery

A+W Logistics Optimizer – creates and optimizes transport routes based on orders and truck load.

Functionalities & Benefits

  • Automatic creation and / or optimization of routes and delivery addresses & weight within (2 modes)
  • Reallocation based on timings, additional stops and traffic jam information (statistical)
  • Based on Nokia Maps – considers truck restrictions (bridge-height, weight, tolls, tunnels…), and the situation on the roads
  • Printouts of reports for truck-driver and customs
  • Mobile app for driver and gps online delivery tracking
  • Feedback to ERP possible (e.g for printout of del. notes)
  • Delivery statistics
  • Consideration of truck restrictions – weight, height, max. load
  • Calculation based on glass weight (order)

System Info

Operating System:
MS Windows
Data Base:
Own SQL Server data base
Crystal Reports (easy and quick reports and analyses)
Mobile App:
Android or html-version

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