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A+W is the global leader of premium software designed for the flat glass industry. Our innovations in both enterprise resource planning and optimization software has heightened efficiency, raised industry standards, and helped our customers gain more control over every step of the process.


A+W Cantor offers the best interconnection of processes between dealers and manufacturers. The Dealer version is fully integrated and can be run via a web store as a multi-trade system in which several dealers work as an individual client or as a local installation for each individual dealer.

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Business Processes

Business Processes

  • Comprehensive plausibility control → whether in the quotation or the order – your dealers can enter their orders directly and, thanks to the plausibility check, correctly in the system
  • You no longer need to enter the dealer order in order processing → Time and cost input are therefore reduced in order processing and there are also no more delays in processing orders during the peak season
  • Your dealers have the opportunity to include other products, such as sun protection, garage doors, etc. as well as offering installation services
  • Simple and intuitive ordering processes aid in acquiring new customers and retaining your current customer base
  • Multi-Trade: Dealers have access to a central online database → Data is always up to date and updated security is ensured, meaning your customers can only choose from what you actually have in your assortment

A+W Cantor gives dealers a solution, which can be used as an aid to consistently illustrate your business processes.

As a manufacturer of windows, doors, and gates, you are bound to receive plenty of illegible hand-written orders from your dealers, and your order handling department will usually always have matters that need clarifying for the very same reason. And what's more, you find out that one of the items cannot be produced, so you have to contact your dealer once again. Have you ever had this headache before?

The fully integrated, comprehensive A+W Cantor software with integrated dealer version is exactly the solution you need for these and similar problems.

Also, reduce your costs with full dealer integration. A+W Cantor customers, such as Siems and Gugelfuss, have achieved online order rates of more than 50% and save a considerable amount of time when it comes to internal order entry processes.

The product master data is directly available to you as a dealer, if you procure products from window, door shutter, and insect screen manufacturers already using A+W Cantor software.

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From online orders directly into production.

Who has not dreamt of entering their offers and orders all while having them available at all times, in all places, and on any end-user device?

A+W iQuote enables dealers to enter offers online and submit orders – both technically and commercially correctly.

A+W iQuote is directly based on the data of the A+W Cantor system. This ensures that the products and prices that your customers see are always up to date and correct all without having to enter data twice.

Completed orders are transmitted directly to your A+W Cantor production system and can influence inventory and production planning in real time.

The Webshop also provides excellent support to your field sales team. The salesperson can directly enter the desired products with their customers and – without any further effort – can give their customer information on the price. The customer actually sees a graphic depiction of the window and/or door, giving them a realistic image of what they are purchasing.

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