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About us
Management Team
Here you will find the current executive managers of the A+W Software GmbH (Pohlheim, Germany)
Our focus is on team work with you and your company. From the initial meeting via the definition of the tasks on hand to conceiving and implementing tailored solutions – we are always at your disposal.
A+W cooperate worldwide with a closely knit network of experts who add their core competences to our customer's projects. This network helps us achieve our goal: Providing optimal solutions for our customers' requirements.
Since 1977, we develop innovative solutions for the glass industry. A+W has evolved over the last 35 years to the most established provider of ERP and MRP software for the glass and fenestration industry.
There are many reasons for applying for a job at A+W: The work is exciting—with lots of development potential, achievement-oriented compensation and regular advanced training—in a modern workplace right in the heart of Hessen.
Central Europe
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North and East Europe
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France, MEA and Asia
Any questions? Let us help you! Here you will find the A+W contact persons for France, MEA and Asia.
North America
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Latin America, Spain and Portugal
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In more than 1800 companies world-wide we control the – often highly complex –production processes of our customers. Millions of sheets are therefore produced with the help of A+W software, every day.
75,000,000 window units are produced in the European Union each year. 12,600,000 of them are produced in Germany – from which every third window is manufactured by a A+W CANTOR customer.

Solar Seal
Solar Seal is devoted to the design and manufacturing of both common and complex glass products. The name Solar Seal is synonymous with quality and service.
Teutemacher Glas
The company Teutemacher Glas is a medium sized state-of-the-art glass company with 80 employees. Teutemacher’s product line is broad and intelligently designed. The company sees trends early, and implements new capabilities with a sense of proportion.
The TG specialist Glasprofi is Germany's largest supplier of premium shower and glass sanitary fittings.
BarteltGLASBerlin GmbH & Co. was founded in 1960 by Gerda and Heinz Bartelt in Berlin. Today, the company is headquartered in Berlin-Mariendorf. High-quality flat-glass products are produced on an area of 13.500 m2
Caamaño CZ near Prague is a young flexible company with surprisingly high and flexible ability to supply - in whole Europe, in London as well as in Antwerp or Moskow. Caamaño set up its business area intentionally in the center of Europe to be able to flexibly act Europe-wide.
Express Toughening
Express Toughening are glass processors in the South-East of England, with a clearly defined core business: Modern toughened functional glass with all CNC processing steps required are delivered 48 hours after the order was placed – top quality and top price guaranteed.
Cooling Brothers
Cooling Brothers recognizes the value of customer satisfaction in a competitive world and the major contribution to this satisfaction is made by the supply of products to an assured level of quality.
The family company imports glass from across the world. When designing the fully automatic cutting process, the Cura Team 2015 opted for the integrated online control system of the A+W Realtime-Optimizer that continuously controls the Hegla VSG cutting system including the VSG-Remaster.
FAKRO is a private company established in Poland in 1991. The company aims to supply the highest quality products to satisfy the requirements of their customers all over the world.
Float Glass Industries
Float Glass Industries is a key independent manufacturer of insulated glazing and flat glass wholesaler, which has been implementing complex A+W systems for many years. The production environment of Float Glass Industries is a highly integrated system consisting of the best machinery and a complex A+W production control.
Glas Fandel
Under the trade name Termo-Bit, Glas Fandel produce up to 5000 IG units a day on six production lines. Since 2010, the company runs one of the most modern IG production lines world-wide.
Glas Fritz
Glas Fritz is a renowned glass processing company, which stands for highest quality, flexibility and uncompromising delivery times throughout Europe. For decades, the manufacturer has been successfully cooperating with A+W's software for architectural glass.
Glas Herzog
Glas Herzog was the first A+W customer that deployed the second higher automated DynOpt generation: Only one person breaks the Z cuts at the table, supplies special glass and monitors the inlet of the IG glass line. Plus he has ample time to operate the DynOpt monitor, without which the constant flow of glass with minimum residual glass would not be possible.
The strongest Polish IG plant of the Saint-Gobain group delivers its top products to Polish customers as well as to neighbouring countries. Top technical know-how, modern production lines, top quality special products and optimized, software-controlled processes are the hallmark of Glassolutions® Jaroszowiec
Hoffmann Glas
HoffmannGlas has been an A+W customer for 24 years. Along the way, we have learned that this corporate group always cooperates in the innovation network with mechanical engineering firms and with A+W as software partner, and with a sense of proportion, it has always made the right investments.
Klaes Jansson
The affiliated companies Klaes Jansson, Stockholm, and Martin G. Andersson of Örebro have a reputation in the industry as reliable full-range suppliers with top delivery reliability for IG, toughened glass, and processing. Klaes Jansson has been the only toughened glass producer in the Stockholm area for more than twenty years.
Lerobel produce and supply high-class architectural glass for facades, windows, and glass door systems as well as products for interior design like showers, stairs, door, and glass partitions. Lerobel is also a knowledgeable and well-equipped partner for glass fitters.
In Molde in the Norwegian Fjordland, a medium-sized company has become one of the state-of-the-art flat glass finishers and insulated glass producers in Norway. To achieve this status, the company relies on state-of-the-art A+W software and universal automation.
Reflex is a genuine full-range manufacturer who produces any kind of sheet combination and any required processing, from cutting to shipping. The production environment of Reflex is a highly integrated, networked system of modern machinery and industrial manufacturing equipment, rounded off by the sophisticated A+W production control.
At their Nordhorn location, Semcoglas Glastechnik produce highly complex toughened and laminated glass. A+W Production does not only handle rough and detailed scheduling but also controls the whole tracking of sheets and the vital monitoring of the processing terminals.
SOLLINGGLAS is a highly innovative glass processor. With the recent introduction of toughened-safety glass processing, expanded capacity in the grinding and cutting shop, and consistent A+W barcode-based controlling, the highly specialized company is now well positioned for the future.
Thermalsun, a PPG Certified Fabricator, is located in picturesque Sonoma County, an hour's drive north of San Francisco. The Thermalsun team pride themselves in the belief that a meticulous attention to detail, a drive to fabricate superior products and unequalled customer service are what set them above the standard.
Triview Glass Industries is a owner driven glass processing company. To achieve utmost quality and performance, Triview Glass Industries uses high performance equipment and a holistic A+W software solution for their commercial and production processes.

Value Windows & Doors
Value Windows & Doors trusts the accuracy of product data in A+W iQuote online dealer software, eliminating errors and the need for customer to confirm
The TG specialist Glasprofi is Germany's largest supplier of premium shower and glass sanitary fittings.
dtH Tiemann
Trust thanks to quality and reliable service – this is the heart of window manufacturer dtH Tiemann's corporate philosophy.
The company Schlotterer Sonnenschutz Systeme in Adnet close to Salzburg has been using the A+W Cantor system universally in administration and production since January 2013: A good reason for the corporate management to celebrate the cooperatively realised implementation and problem-free live operation.
al bohn & Sinsheimer Glas
The Slovenian window and door manufacturer AJM in Maribor, Slovenia, offers its customers almost the entire spectrum of windows, doors, conservatories and shade systems. This is possible thanks to a high-performance software solution from A+W Cantor alongside modern machinery.
Even though the market demands in Canada are very different to Europe, A+W Cantor provided all the functionality and control to allow Durabuilt grow in this ever demanding market place.
Gugelfuss GmbH of Elchingen run a total of four locations and sell front doors and windows made of PVC, wood, and wood/aluminium, plus aluminium curtain walls. Since 2006, Gugelfuss have been trusting in A+W Cantor window construction software.
Just 12 months after signing the contract with A+W, all the master data for PVC and aluminium has been entered and INCON is moving online with the new software without any problems.
Together with the Biesse CNC gantry unit, JOMÜ have also implemented A+W Cantor as their new business software. Even in times when orders come thick and fast, JOMÜ can keep delivery times of 4-6 weeks.
Over many years, the KRISPOL Company has built up an outstanding reputation with professional garage and industrial doors across Poland and beyond. Since 2015, KRISPOL has been using A+W Cantor software at its facilities and also making it available as the Multitrade version to its trade and installation partners.
Müller continually invests in small and large projects. Our integrated and flexible IT-system has been an integral component providing solutions to reflect the company’s requirements and visions.
How does a medium-sized manufacturer of building components like Reckendrees Bauelemente GmbH succeed in a market subject to dramatic changes? At Reckendrees, all processes have been performed with the industry software A+W Cantor since 2009, from quotation to packaging the finished product.
Siems constantly invests in growth and technology so that the software system must flexibly adapt itself to the changing requirements. The focus of Siems' software solution is on the extensive retailer network. This is why A+W Cantor Dealer software has been implemented.
Insulating and safety glass for architectural projects
Furniture, Mirrors, Railings
Precision glass, made more precisely.
From the CAD model to the fully automatic cut pane
Windows, Doors, Sectional Doors
From the window over to the attractive front door up to the industrial gate
Shading Systems & Roller Shutters
We depict the entire range of products
Complete solutions for your trade and service partners
A+W Clarity
A+W solutions control and optimize the whole value chain, from basic glass to finished windows or curtain wall elements. A+W products are suitable for small, mid-sized and large companies.
A+W Clarity Standalone
Unlike the extensions for the A+W base products these systems can be operated in any software environment. Assemble the individual solution for your company that fits your needs.
A+W Cantor
A+W Cantor is the complete and comprehensive software solution that caters to the market-specific requirements of the windows and doors industry and can be implemented throughout all business areas.

A+W Enterprise
A+W Enterprise is an integrated, database-based overall ERP solution for the flat glass industry. The system is designed for groups of companies and upper-middle class companies with several subsidiaries, and is being used by major players in the flat glass industry world-wide.
A+W Business
A+W Business is a new-generation ERP system for the flat glass industry. Quotations, order processing, purchasing, shipping, and invoicing have never been easier!
A+W Business Pro
A+W Business Pro is a fully integrated solution of the latest generation for small and medium-sized companies. The process from quotation to dispatch has never been easier!
A+W Production
A+W Production is a highly flexible PPS solution for IG-, toughened glass-, laminated glass-, and multi-stepped production.

A+W Static Optimizer
An improved optimization algorithm guarantees minimum waste and at the same time best suited cutting patterns for an easy breakout at the cutting tables.
A+W CAD Designer Architecture
A+W CAD Designer combines two powerful functions: The input and construction of free shapes for glass processing and a powerful Georgian bar construction program.
A+W CAD Designer Automotive
A+W CAD Designer Automotive particularly supports the requirements resulting from the production conditions of automotive glass.

A+W Cantor Enterprise
Your business processes are consistently illustrated in A+W CANTOR Enterprise. Full order processing from offer generation to job entry incl. credit limit check, from purchasing and material management to invoicing, can be performed virtually paperless with the aid of the integrated document archive.
A+W Cantor Production
Organize your production more efficiently with A+W CANTOR Production. Just-in-Time planning supports you in always working to schedule and according to requirements so that you always maintain an overview.
A+W Cantor Reseller
As a window producer, you can provide your dealers with the modules from A+W CantorReseller. They allow your dealers to generate offers, orders and even delivery notes and invoices. Furthermore, they can also set up their own installation services and other basis items and manage their own customer base.