Ein Smartphone und eine Schablone.

A+W iShape

Digitize templates with the smartphone camera

For manufacturing of a non-rectangular lite (shape, free shape), glass processors frequently receive a hand drawing or a wood, chipboard or cardboard template from their customer. State-of-the-art production on CNC machines requires digital data in order to define these shapes. The glass processor needs an easy and flexible solution for generating the digital data from the template. Older systems for digitization require special equipment and calibration – this is expensive and time consuming.

The special feature: in contrast to older solutions, no calibration of the camera is required! A+W iShape works with any good smartphone camera. The photo is taken, the picture is now displayed in the A+W CAD Designer. The contour is detected by A+W iShape and transformed into a point stream. This point stream is then converted into a shape defined by arcs and straight lines that can be used for further processing. The software compensates for any distortions thanks to the reference object.

Functionality and Benefits

  • Use of a good smartphone camera instead of an expensive, heavy digital camera
  • No calibration of the camera required
  • Automatic import of the photo into the A+W CAD Designer (Shapes)
  • Smoothing of the contour via the A+W patented smoothing process
  • Reliable compensation of distortions
  • Output as DXF or A+W CAD format (SN) for use in A+W ERP and control of your machines)

A+W iShape is available for:

A+W Enterprise

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A+W Business

Abbildung des Softwarepaketes - A+W Business

A+W Business Pro

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A+W Production

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