A+W IoT Smart Trace

Continuous production logging

With A+W IoT Smart Trace, you already have the opportunity to record and save in native format data from various sensors, scanners, machines, and software systems. For this, the information is enriched with metadata (when, where, by whom, under what basic conditions generated and sent) and stored in revision-proof fashion in a central data storage location.

In combination with A+W IoT Smart Office, this creates comprehensive information storage for logging all documentation, communication, and the production chain with respect to an order, a batch or an individual lite. Exploit the effectiveness of leading cloud technology at your company.

Functionality and Benefits

  • Track & trace of individual sheets or batches across the production chain
  • Accept/record data from connected systems and data sources, e.g. machines, scanners, A+W Barcode Manager, A+W Production Terminal
  • Process and archive data in processes (object storage)
  • Search for data: search via filters and metadata
  • Display data: table views, expandable to the dashboard with graphic visualizations
  • Incorporation and processing of data from IT systems (flat file, Excel connector, databases, text files)
  • Incorporation and processing of communication data between machines and A+W systems
  • Connection and processing of data from state-of-the-art machines via connector classes OPC-UA, MQTT, AMQP, Kafka, and ready-to-use interfaces for scanners (e.g. Viprotron or Glaston iLook scanners)
  • In combination with A+W IoT - Smart Office can be used - goal: comprehensive information storage
  • Trace functions, on through to optional documentation in blockchain
  • Effectiveness of leading cloud technology (containers) locally at the company

A+W IoT Smart Trace is available for:

A+W Enterprise

A+W Business

A+W Production

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