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A+W Capacity Planner

Keep a grip on production capacities

The A+W Capacity Planner comes both as a professional add-on for A+W Production as well as an entry-level solution for A+W Business Pro.

The A+W Capacity Planner handles the planning and control of existing production capacities, in direct and permanent synchronization with the capacities reserved for the order stock. This allows early detection of production bottlenecks and intervention into the planning results. In addition, there is a check of the desired delivery date.

If the desired delivery date is not possible or if it cannot be adhered to, then the system first checks whether it is possible to produce on alternative resources. If there should be no alternative machines or if their capacity is not sufficient, then the system calculates the earliest possible alternative delivery date taking into consideration the route schedule from the ERP system/department.

Functionality and Benefits

  • Display of free capacities and machine utilization
  • Easy management of shifts, capacities, bottlenecks and workload
  • Free, formula-based machine and work process restrictions
  • Automatic load transfer of production dates in case of insufficient capacities during dispatch
  • Automatic delivery date calculation and feedback to ERP (Add-On A+W Delivery Advisor)
  • Automatic calculation processing dates, durations and costs during import
  • Automatic load distribution on machines based on work processes
  • Cost calculation for orders and quotes
  • Management of reservations and campaigns
  • Information feedback to ERP system
  • Display of production progress and details in case of connection to A+W Barcode Manager and / or A+W Production Terminal (Add-On)
  • Support of purchased processes (extended workbench concept) in connection with A+W Enterprise

A+W Capacity Planner is available for:

A+W Business Pro

A+W Production

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