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A+W Capa View

Know what is possible

Do you want to see your current and planned production utilization in order to agree on dates for special building projects with your customers? Or do you want to trace the production progress of individual orders and/or batches in order to keep an eye on whether delivery will be timely and complete? And all of this should be possible both from the office for employees in order processing as well as on the go for your salespeople?

With A+W Capa View, it is possible to do all of this without time-consuming installation and an expensive technical infrastructure. The system relies on the A+W Capacity Planner and displays the capacities of your machines in a state-of-the-art html design. As soon as individual processing steps are reported complete in production (for example, using the A+W Barcode Manager), the display is updated.

Functionality and Benefits

  • Status information per order and / or per batch
  • Strong interconnection with A+W Barcode Manager and / or Production Terminal
  • Detailed info by double click
  • Adjustable info level, e.g. shift based vs. daily info
  • Production completion feedback
  • Integrated in A+w Business or stand-alone in Order Entry

A+W Capa View is available for:

A+W Enterprise

Two women are sitting at a desk and working on a PC with the A+W Enterprise software.

A+W Business

A woman wearing a headset smiles at the camera.

A+W Business Pro

A man stands in front of a work table and cuts the glass pane.

A+W Production

A man stands in front of a monitor in the production hall, using A+W Production software to control the cutting of the glass sheets.

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