A+W CAD Designer (Bars)

Easy design of bar patterns

Original architecture and individual taste are increasingly being expressed in unusual bar designs. The frequency of special designs requires the use of a high-performance design program that is also in a position to output a picture of the desired bar arrangement on the screen, via a printer or plotter in the original size.

Therefore, A+W CAD Designer (Bars) has a bar design program with graphical interface that allows the majority of common bar types to be arranged at will on a rectangular or shaped lite. Bars of different widths can be used in a design, and it is also possible to use different bar types within a bar pattern. The A+W CAD Designer (Bars) allows designs with straight bars, arced bars, and bars with free angles.

Functionality and Benefits

  • Easy and quick creation and dimensioning of complex grill pattern designs
  • Little training required thanks to graphical tools and modern user guidance
  • Direct control of the muntin saw possible
  • Cost and time savings thanks to generation and use of templates
  • Auxiliary points for free patterns
  • Drill-hole symmetrical or field symmetrical construction

A+W CAD Designer (Bars) is available for:

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