A+W Production Terminal (EL)

Paperless Production

Increase the clarity of processes on your shop floor as well as the productivity thanks to a nearly paper-free process.

Functionalities & Benefits

  • Visualizing of structures, dimensions and processing's to be done
  • Display of CAD sketches
  • Booking of processing’s and status on item level
  • Booking of breakage and reason
  • Less paperwork on the shop floor
  • Predefined A+W Standard screens
  • Status bookings and feedback to the office
  • Deep integration with A+W Barcode Manager (EL)
  • Higher productivity, efficiency and process quality
  • Control of processing machines

Addon: A+W Barcode Manager (EL)

  • Book complex processings and record the actual production status of an item as detailed as possible.

System Info

Single site, 2-tier, possible on Terminal Server, Connected to A+W Production
Operating System:
MS Windows
Data Base:
No own data base
Crystal Reports in Production System (A+W Production or A+W Business Pro)

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