A+W iShape

Digitalize stencils with the smartphone camera

Photograph stencils of shapes easily with the mobile phone camera without having to spend time calibrating it. The system transforms the photo into a CAD file, which you can store directly with the order or which you can use directly for machine activation.

Functionalities & Benefits

  • Use of a good smartphone camera instead of an expensive, heavy digital camera
  • No calibration of the camera required
  • Automatic import of the photo into the A+W CAD Designer (Shapes)
  • Smoothing of the contour via the A+W patented smoothing process
  • Reliable compensation of distortions
  • Output as DXF or A+W CAD format (SN) for use in A+W ERP and control of your machines)

System Info

Add-on to the A+W CAD Designer (Shapes)
Operating system:
MS Windows

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