A+W Capacity Planner (EL)

For Small And Medium Sized Companies

Control of existing production capacities thanks to direct and ongoing comparison with the capacities reserved for the orders on hand.

Functionalities & Benefits

  • Cost calculation for machines, staff and material
  • Validation of delivery date
  • Calulation of earliest possible delivery date (addon: Del. Date Adivsor)
  • Consideration of goods receipt dates and purchase dates
  • Machine selection based on technical- and cost parameters
  • Management of backlogs
  • Setup of different shifts plans, timings and technical parameters for machines
  • Setup and usage of transition times and dwell times
  • Different calculation grids for high priority orders
  • Rescheduling in case of detected bottlenecks or machine down times
  • Formula based times and costs for differentiation between e.g. shapes and rectangles, different process qualities
  • Automatic import possible (background process)
  • Statistical evaluations possible for machines and production areas

System Info

Addon to A+W Business Pro
Strong interconnection with A+W Barcode Manager (EL)
Data Base:
SQL Server
Crystal Reports (easy and quick reports and analyses)

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