A+W Static Optimizer

The software for cutting optimisation

The A+W Static Optimizer is the successor to the classical stand-alone solution XOPT. Cut sizes, rectangles, and shapes can be entered manually or imported via an interface file. An improved optimization algorithm guarantees minimum waste and at the same time guarantees the most appropriate cutting patterns for an easy breakout at the cutting tables. After optimization, the cutting plans can be modified manually.

A+W Static Optimizer

Quick results with simple means

Enter production batches quickly and easily, optimize waste and production sequence, transfer data to the machines, and print out the necessary production documents. Thanks to the additional modules and extensions, you can better promote individual focal points and further increase your efficiency.

Functionalities & Benefits

  • Fully graphic user interface
  • Easy administration of article master data
  • DXF import is possible from A+W CAD Designer (Shapes)
  • Creation of NC code for multiple cutting tables with different restrictions
  • In the office or directly at the cutting table
  • Usage of free shapes (shape 99)
  • A+W standard shape catalog is included
  • Simple entry of production jobs and filler orders/filler sheets
  • Printout of production papers and labels
  • Designed for manual, paper based production control
  • Single glass optimizations (not suited for IG/Lamy)
  • 18 different optimization strategies

System Info

Single site, 2-tier, possible on Terminal Server
Operating System:
MS Windows
Data Base:
MS Access
Crystal Reports


A+W Sequence Optimizer

  • More than 90 optimization strategies
  • Includes A+W Shape Optimizer for nesting of shapes
  • Sequence optimization of sheets based on production processes after cutting

A+W Extend Optimizer

  • 80 additional strategies through the use of the multi-core extension known as A+W Extended Optimizer

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