A+W Cantor Reseller

Increase your sales orders.

As a window producer, you can provide your dealers with the modules from A+W Cantor Reseller. They allow your dealers to generate quotations, orders, and even delivery notes and invoices. Furthermore, they can also set up their own installation services and other basis items and manage their own customer base.

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"Our dealers can use our A+W Cantor dealer software to take care of their offerings, job confirmations, orders, and invoices. This software is just the right tool to organize the operating process quickly, simply, and securely. Thanks to clearly organized offerings, the order rate increases and costs go down through simple and clear processes. 75% of the windows we make are ordered with the software."

Karl-Wilhelm Siems, Siems fenster + türen GmbH

The reseller version can be run via a webshop as a multi-trade system by which several dealers work as an individual client on a central instance or as a local installation for your individual dealers.

Integrated Modules & Business Processes

With A+W Cantor, your commercial and technical orders are always complete and tested for all types of materials, whether they are standard or customized items. A+W Cantor offers a quick to learn, simple acquisition interface that is used intensively by several thousand dealers.

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Dealer orders flow directly into the manufacturer's A+W Cantor System as a job
  • Automatic technical (technical production limits) and commercial (prices and conditions) checks during offer and order entry
  • Dealers automatically receive an electronic order confirmation in which the checked delivery date is confirmed
  • Dealers can enter their own items and installation services in the quotation/order in addition to the manufacturer's products
  • Reduced staff in internal order handling
  • Time savings as a result of reduced coordination effort with your dealers
  • Efficiency increase in the process
  • Easier acquisition of new dealer customers and higher customer loyalty
  • Optimum support of your sales channel

Through efficient planning, your service and installation teams are optimally utilized. Special qualifications of your employees can be taken into account as well as geographical criteria when creating schedules.

Functionalities and Benefits

  • When creating an order, a planning process is automatically created
  • The time needed and the installation materials required for the order are automatically provided in the planning process
  • Geographical criteria can be taken into consideration when putting teams together
  • Appointments can be automatically transferred to the Outlook calendars of the installation staff
  • Integration of OpenStreetMap offers graphical support when visualizing the stops along the route
  • Planned and actual times can be compared to generate statistical analyses
  • Planning reliability – Do you know now what your installation team is going to be doing in 6 weeks’ time?
  • Increased customer satisfaction through reliable scheduling
  • Key data for planning and combining teams
  • Transparency and full overview of all transactions

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