A+W Cantor Enterprise

A system that grows with your company.

Your business processes are consistently illustrated in A+W Cantor Enterprise. Full order processing from offer generation to job entry, including credit limit check from purchasing and material management to invoicing, can be performed virtually paperless with the aid of the integrated document archive.

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You are guided through the offer entry process, while jobs and incorrect entries or technically incomplete entries are ruled out, as extensive rules for technical checks are entered in the master data alongside items, such as fittings or profiles. Thanks to integrated materials management, data is only entered once in the job and is available for orders of purchased parts and stock.

System Info

Operating System:
Windows® 7 SP1
Windows® 8.1
Windows® 10
Windows Server® 2008 R2
Windows Server® 2012
Windows Server® 2012 R2
Windows Server® 2016
Windows Server® 2019
MS SQL Server™ 2012 SP4
MS SQL Server™ 2014 SP2
MS SQL Server™ 2016 SP2 (only suitable for manufacturer and multi trade version)
MS SQL Server™ 2017 (only suitable for manufacturer and multi trade version)
Oracle® Database 12.1
Oracle® Database 12.2

Integrated Modules & Business Processes

With A+W Cantor, your commercial and technical orders are always complete and tested for all types of materials whether they are standard or customized items.

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Dealer orders flow directly into the manufacturer's A+W Cantor System as a job
  • Automatic technical (technical production limits) and commercial (prices and conditions) check in offer and order entry
  • Dealers automatically receive an electronic order confirmation in which the checked delivery date is confirmed
  • Dealers can enter their own items and installation services in the offer/order section in addition to the manufacturer's products
  • Reduced staff handling internal order
  • Time savings as a result of reduced coordination work with your dealers
  • Efficiency increase in the process
  • Easier acquisition of new dealer customers and higher customer loyalty
  • Optimum support of your sales channel

Purchasing and material management

The required material is ordered on a just-in-time basis, so orders can be placed and delivered as late as possible or as early as necessary. Your stocks are therefore at an optimum level at all times.

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Automatic order pricing for all job-related purchased materials generated for all registered suppliers on the basis of job data
  • Automated order management and the electronic communication with your suppliers via openTRANS®
  • Goods-in and goods-out postings via mobile scanner
  • Higher liquidity as a result of reduced capital tie-up
  • Planning security as a result of transparent order processes
  • Time savings system automatically determines order quantities
  • No bottlenecks as a result of missing material
  • Low inventory stocks
  • Seamless invoice verification

Processes and management

A+W Cantor contains tools, which can help you improve your processes throughput in your entire company.

Functionalities and Benefits

  • A+W Cantor contains tools, such as Workflow, task management or the Info-Center, which you can use to improve your process throughput throughout your entire company
  • With the integrated SQL tool, you can create queries to portray, analyze, and optimize every area of your business
  • A personal overview can be individually designed (i.e., your cockpit controls your company matters)
  • Sound business decisions based on reliable, recent data
  • Display your expertise to your customers with direct information thanks to the Info-Center
  • Transparency thanks to the archival of all documents in the system
  • Traceable information for communication between departments
  • Paperless office organization
  • Lean management thanks to high efficiency in each and every work step

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