Coronavirus - Customer Information


Dear A+W Customer,

The health of your and our employees is our top priority.

A+W takes responsibility to follow the current legal instructions and recommendations to avoid spreading the so called “Corona Virus”.

Since February 24, A+W has actively informed managers and employees to have a high awareness to detect infection risks. General rules apply for all A+W staff so far:

  1. All Professional Service appointments are checked with the customer. It is jointly decided whether the service can be carried out by remote maintenance or whether an on-site appointment is necessary.
  2. Customer facing events in so called “risk areas” are canceled.
  3. Travel by air has to be checked in advance by the employee with his direct report. Travel to “risk areas” is canceled.
  4. Home office work is agreed case individual (previous contact to infected persons, travel to risk areas, all governmentally instructed isolation).

A+W works actively on business continuity plans to ensure service deliveries to our customers. Because even during the current challenging situation, A+W naturally supports you as comprehensively as possible in maintaining your business and production processes.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Dixen
Kai Frenzel


Information on risk areas and the current situation can be found under the following links:

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control:

Daily Risk assessment:
Situation update worldwide:
EU Member States travel advice:
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